Moomba Park Primary School

Moomba Park Primary School

Since 1961, Moomba Park Primary School No. 4876 has proudly served the neighborhood. The parents at Moomba Park have the good fortune to collaborate with the school to support student learning by upholding its core values of learning, positive attitude, respect, caring, and support. The student body at the school is very varied. Families come from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. One of their greatest strengths is this mixture.

Targeting the various academic and social needs of all students, they continuously collaborate to enhance their learning. The school improvement strategy keeps a focus on raising all students’ academic standards through direct instruction, project-based learning, and research. Despite being a small school, Moomba Park offers a variety of specialty subjects that complement the literacy and numeracy-focused core curriculum. This includes Italian art, music, and physical education. Additionally, they provide an extensive on-site swimming program and an off-site camp program. Through the use of Interactive Whiteboards, Notebook computers, and iPads, Information Communication Technology is utilized in all classrooms and integrated across all subjects.

They place a high value on the welfare of their students and families. The teachers and students at Moomba Park Primary School are aware that “students and families are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe, and happy.”  Their codes of conduct offer the necessary framework for fostering gratifying and fruitful interactions. As a school, they take great pride in how their neighborhood cooperates to achieve the best results, adhering to their school’s motto, “Our Best Always.”

Through a Victorian Government program called ResourceSmart Schools, Moomba Park Primary School is taking steps to become more environmentally sustainable.

Award-winning Victorian Government program ResourceSmart Schools helps schools incorporate sustainability into all of their operations. Through advice and training provided by CERES, their school is aided in reducing waste, conserving resources like water and energy, promoting biodiversity, and combating climate change for the good of their school and neighborhood.

Additionally, they want to involve the students, families, and other people from their school and neighborhood.

On the Core Module’s activities, they are collaborating with Randy Mendez from CERES Community Environment Park.

They hope to build on their sustainability accomplishments this year and track their resource usage using ResourceSmart Online, a free website. By incorporating sustainability into their curriculum, they hope to improve their gardens, energy, waste, and water systems, engage their community, and support their students.

They are eager to share their accomplishments with you, watch their gardens flourish, lessen the environmental impact of their school, improve the Earth, and contribute to a sustainable future for all.

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