Moomba Park Tennis Club

Moomba Park Tennis Club

When a group of enthusiastic tennis players moved to the Fawkner area and were eager to pursue their love of the game, they founded the St Matthew’s Tennis Club, which later changed its name to the Moomba Park Tennis club, Inc. The back yard of St. Matthew’s primary school is where the St. Matthew’s Tennis Courts were constructed in 1975. The parish priest, who also happened to be an avid sports fan, made a significant contribution to the cause.

The courts were formally inaugurated on July 27, 1975, and competition started the following year, in 1976, when their first junior team entered the NSTA junior competition.

Their first club coach, John Hammond, was hired in 1977; fees were $22 per term. Their mid-week ladies team won the grand final with ease in April 1977, bringing home their first pennant.

When the clubrooms were built in 1978, their first senior team won the competition’s championship game in March of that year.

In the early years of the Club, Sunday afternoon round robins were followed by a BBQ for the whole family, so there was a lot of socializing. Progressive dinners were yet another incredibly well-liked activity. The installation of lights in 1989, which allowed teams to compete in night competitions, marked a significant turning point for the Club. The courts were completely expanded and rebuilt in 1995.

The Club was granted permission to use the multi-marked tennis and netball courts at Moomba Park Reserve in 1995 by Broadmeadows Council.

The two plexi-pave netball/tennis courts at the council-owned facility at Moomba Park Reserve were upgraded with approved funding in 1997.  Three artificial courts with lighting were made possible by expanding the area. The courts were constructed beginning in mid-2001 and were finished in July. Their members constructed a sizable pergola in front of the clubroom in February 2002, which finished the area off nicely. The venue has a truly rural feel to it because of how close it is to Merri Creek and the abundance of nearby trees and shrubs.

The construction of a restroom addition to their clubroom began in December 2006. For this project, the Club received an SRV grant, and Moreland City Council covered the remaining costs. The kitchen was also renovated at the same time.

The Club moved forward with a badly needed extension to the clubroom at the beginning of 2007. The project was started on April 2 and finished on June 26. The Club covered the entire cost of the clubroom upgrade. In addition, the pergola was widened. The big sliding door was covered by a security window shutter.

The Club (headed by Shirley Peake) submitted an application for a Community Infrastructure Grant issued by the Federal Government for an additional 3 tennis courts in May 2009 after speaking with the Moreland City Council and a number of other individuals.  With the grant, a John Barton quotation for courts was included. The club offered to contribute $20,000 to the endeavor.  The Club successfully received the grant in August 2009. Building was delayed due to persistent rain after numerous delays with plans, permits, an Aboriginal Assessment, and a Landslide Assessment, all of which cost the Club more than $20,000. The court proceedings began in late December 2010 and ended in April 2011.  As the tennis courts at Moomba Park Reserve became their primary courts, they changed their name to Moomba Park Tennis Club, Inc. around this time.

With the help of a $40,000 grant from the Moreland City Council and the Club’s contribution of the remaining funds, the clubroom’s size was doubled in 2012. 2014 saw the re-carpeting of courts 1, 2, and 3 thanks to a partnership grant of $40,000 from the Moreland City Council. The remaining expenses were once more covered by the Club. The project started in November 2014.

They began investigating purchasing a new pergola in 2016.  At the end of 2016, this was resolved.

Since 2017, the Club has upgraded the clubroom amenities, installed new seating and a shelter, installed an electronic gate coordinated with an online booking system, and replaced all court lights with LED lights. To continue maintaining the upkeep of the club facilities, the Club submits new grant applications. 

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