Although your car battery promises you a lifespan of around 4-6 years, it is very common to find yourself changing the battery far before you are supposed to. Your car battery does a lot more than just starting your car, so when the battery starts failing you should probably want to know where things went wrong.

The battery itself usually shows a couple of signs that it is time for a replacement before it packs up but most time we are too busy to notice. While sometimes the car doesn’t start because the battery is drained, at other times it could actually be damaged.

Common Causes of Battery Failure

Following are some of the common causes of battery failure:

Loose Battery Terminals

Sometimes your car does not start because the bolts or screws that are supposed to connect the cables to the battery terminals are loose thereby preventing current from flowing through. Driving a car on rough roads can cause the connection to loosen over time. Corrosion of the terminals can also prevent the car from starting.

Low Level Of Battery Fluid

If the level of the electrolyte in the battery becomes very low, it will cause the battery to take more time to charge as well as make it drain very quickly. It is very common to see car owners forget to check the level of the battery fluid. To prevent this from damaging the battery, it is important to check the level of the battery fluid every two weeks if you use your car very often and every month if you don’t.

Alternator Not Charging The Battery

If the battery is always drained after you park it for a while, then it may be from the alternator. The alternator helps charge the battery while you are driving, so if it is not functioning properly, you are most likely going to be left with an uncharged battery.

Starter Solenoid Or Relay Not Working

If either the solenoid or relay is not sending enough power to the starter then the engine will not be able to start. To check if the issue is from the solenoid, you can bypass it by using a remote starter switch. If the engine starts when you use the remote starter, then you should change the solenoid.

Car Disuse

You not making use of your car for a very long time can cause the battery to begin to have problems. The battery is very likely going discharge while in storage and not recharging it could make the battery too weak to start the engine when you need it to. Keeping a car with an old or weak battery for too long can completely damage the battery.

If you’re are still having issues with the battery then it is time to have experts look at it. There are other reasons why your battery is damaged that may not be noticed except by a professional. It is quite easy to reach out to a Fawkner Towing technician as you can contact us via our website and get your battery diagnostics and repairs done.

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