Car batteries are vital for your vehicles because without them you cannot start the car. Along with that, the battery powers an array of electronic instruments in your car, be it the fan, lights, or charging portal for mobile phones.

However, every car battery comes with a shelf life of 3 to 5 years. After this, the battery starts failing, and you may experience problems if this happens then it’s time for car battery replacement. In the case of wet batteries, the electrolyte level depletes due to the persistent engine heat, scorching sun, and other factors. Heat plays a major role in reducing the life of a car battery. That is why the average life of batteries in hot regions is only 3 years as compared to 4 to 6 years in the colder regions.

Despite taking proper care of the battery, it will need a replacement after a certain time period. But you can extend the life of your car battery Fawkner if you follow these 7 tips:

Limit Short Rides

Frequent car rides, which are short, prevent your car’s battery from getting fully charged. As a result, the number of charging and discharging cycles increases, and the life of the battery reduces. Maintain your car’s battery life by maintaining charge levels. This can be done by longer rides over short ones.

Keep Your Battery well-positioned

A battery that is not stationed well can suffer from internal damage caused by vibrations, shocks, and accidental touching of wires. As a result, it is recommended to check the battery housing regularly. The bolts holding the battery should be fastened tightly such that the battery does not move or vibrate.

Turn Off Lights on Exit

At times, you may forget to switch off the headlights or car door lights. This will eventually cause the battery to drain. Some batteries need recharging along with maintenance in such situations, and this reduces their life. So, make it a habit to switch off the lights before getting down from the car.

Control the Corrosion

Battery terminals get oxidized and corroded with time. This can be kept in control by regularly cleaning the battery terminals with a brush, and then rinsing off with water. If possible, insulate the terminals to avoid sediment built-up.

Service your Battery timely

Every car battery Fawkner distributor has to offer needs servicing from time to time, be it a wet cell or maintenance-free. Check the voltage levels periodically and top up the electrolyte as and when needed to keep the battery healthy for a long time.

Avoid using Electronics When Idle

Lights and music systems will eat the battery charge. And when the car is not running, it is advised to keep them off. This will not drain the battery. Also, avoid extended periods of idling as it eats away the battery charge.

Maintain your Car

A well-maintained car and a proper electrical system will not put a load on the battery. Hence, you should maintain your car regularly.

These tips will keep your battery running for a longer period of time.

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