If you have ever seen a car broken down on the side of the road in an inconvenient or even dangerous spot, you may feel thankful. Your car allows you to proceed while someone else is stuck with a broken-down vehicle. If you have never been the one phoning for help on the side of the road, you might wonder how a driver can end up in this situation. Old and worn-out vehicles are not the only source of blame. On any given day, any driver could be stranded and think, “Where can I find an Fawkner tow truck company near me?” Any driver of any make or model of vehicle may experience the following 8 causes of roadside breakdowns.

A dead, faulty, or corroded battery can leave you stranded unexpectedly, even if your vehicle is already in motion but don’t worry, Fawkner Towing is here to help with any type of vehicle recovery Fawkner car owners may have.

Slow or sudden tyre wear—whether due to loss of tread or running over a foreign object on the road—can disable your vehicle. If you do not have a spare (or enough spares) then you can be stranded.

Damage to your wheel can also disable your vehicle. This can occur due to side impact to your wheel, driving over large potholes, or by driving over a large foreign object on the road. A Fawkner tow truck company, like Fawkner Towing, will need to come to the scene and transport your vehicle to a service station.

A car overheating is not just scary; it is highly dangerous. If your dashboard indicates that your car is overheating, you need to pull over, turn off your vehicle, and raise the hood immediately. Remain there and wait for a car breakdown recovery company like Fawkner Towing Services.

Fuel problems are not as simple as running out of fuel (though this can certainly leave you stranded). Fuel indicator failure or complications due to using the wrong fuel type can bring your vehicle to a slow halt, no matter where you are.

Clutch cables, which connect your pedals to your transmission and relay commands, can fail suddenly, making your vehicle unresponsive to you. If it becomes difficult or noisy to press your pedals, pull over right away and call for the best 24 hour breakdown recovery Fawkner has to offer, Fawkner Towing Services.

If the fan belt under your hood tears, your fan will be incapable of cooling your engine appropriately, which can lead to overheating. This unexpected problem can leave drivers stranded on the roadside.

A common and well-known cause of most roadside breakdowns is car accidents. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can be involved in a car accident, no matter how safely you drive. A serious enough car accident can render you unable to leave the scene.

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