What is present inside a car battery is a mysterious question that, at some point in time, has popped up in everybody’s mind. It is mind-boggling to see a little box that makes the whole thing work. This small box has various components and all of these components require maintenance. If you have always thought about how all of this works, then read through as we are going to unravel this mystery for you.
A wet-cell battery is a rechargeable battery that contains a liquid electrolyte such as sulfuric acid. One of the main reasons lead-acid batteries break down and start losing capacity is battery sulfating. However, you should not worry as there are various essential maintenance tips that you can follow to optimize the performance of your battery.

One of the tricks is to add distilled water to the lead-acid battery. The electrolyte level in the battery lowers over the passage of time which dehydrates your car’s battery. If the electrolyte level drops too much, the battery cells are exposed which causes damage. Along with this, as the water keeps reducing, the sulfuric acid becomes more concentrated. This will require you to replace the electrolyte.

This is where distilled water comes into play. Adding distilled water to your vehicle’s battery restores the concentration of battery acid. Distilled water is available at every grocery store and is inexpensive which makes it easy for every person to purchase it. You can also keep a few spare bottles in your car so that you can easily fill them and use them at any point in time. These bottles are easily available at different local auto parts stores.

To add distilled water to your battery, follow these steps.

Clean Your Battery

  • Make sure you wear safety glasses and rubber gloves whenever you are working with batteries
  • Ensure that battery caps are put on tightly
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the battery (1 cup baking soda per gallon of water)
  • Use the solution to rinse of battery terminals. Make sure the solution to enter the battery

To Know The Battery Water Level, Check The Indicator Level

Your car batteries should always be full after a full charge. There is an exemption if the batteries are dry and the plates are exposed. If this is the case, fill the batteries with water that will reach the top of the plates.

Once the batteries are fully charged, check and fill in more water, if required

However, make sure you only add water, only if it is required. The water level should below 1/8″ of the bottom of the fill well

Make Sure You Always Have Distilled Water Nearby

  • Do not add normal water to the battery as it will damage your battery.
  • It is suggested to use distilled water because it is free from any additional minerals that would be present in regular water.
  • Along with this, adding minerals and chemicals can also decrease the life of batteries.
  • Do not overfill batteries. If you overfill batteries and then charge them, it can cause them to overflow.

Fix An Automatic Battery Water Filler System

  • A battery water filler system is a lifesaver. It has filler caps with floats that are joined to each other with water hoses. This prevents your battery from overflowing.
  • If there is any overflow, clean up any spills present around the battery cells.

The second most important trick when it comes to battery maintenance is charging. It is also essential that you evenly charge your car’s battery to make sure that it works properly.

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