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It’s never fun to have to call for Fawkner towing because it usually means your car has broken down and you’re stranded somewhere. That’s why it pays to have the pros here at Fawkner Towing on your side. We can help you in cases of a breakdown or accident and will get your car safely where it needs to go for repairs. You may be wondering what this will cost you. Keep reading so you know what to expect. 


Depending on the car insurance policy you have, towing may be covered. This means you’ll have to let your insurance company know that your car has been towed. In some cases, we can bill them directly and in others, you may need to pay upfront and then collect a reimbursement from your insurance company. This is a good thing to know so that you’re prepared if you ever have to call us for a tow. 


If you don’t have a preferred location for, drop off, your car will likely go somewhere close to where the accident or breakdown occurred. The farther we have to tow your automobile, the higher the bill may be. Keep this in mind when you need our services because this can add up quite quickly if you’re not paying attention. Sometimes you can save some money by towing it somewhere close by and having it repaired there. 


As you can probably imagine, calling for emergency towing is likely to cost you more than general towing. This is especially true if it’s outside normal operating hours. We are available to give you a tow after a vehicle accident, if your car breaks down on the side of the road and in instances where you just need help, such as having run out of gas. The final cost depends on how far we have to go and what time of day it is and how soon you need us. 


We are proud to offer competitive and affordable rates so that you don’t get dinged with a huge bill. You can expect to pay by the mile, which could be anywhere from $3 to $6 per mile. You could pay as little as $65 or much more depending on the factors listed above. We’re happy to help you determine what you might expect to pay for your specific towing needs. 

Call Fawkner Towing Service anytime you need your vehicle towed, near or far.

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