Nowadays crime rate has increased a lot and car crime in Australia is pretty common. Thus, it is important to secure your car and take measures that will help protect your car.

1. Car Alarm

This is one of the most common and easiest way to help keep you alert of your car at all times. Every time your car is meddled around with there is a shrill noise/alarm that starts. Now this necessarily won’t help protect your car but will surely alert you that someone is trying to break into your car. Also, the piercing sound actually scared some thief’s off and they just leave the car there without trying further.

Sometimes if someone is aware of the car alarm, they’ll think a few times before trying to steal it as they know it will bring everyone’s attention to them.

Some alarms have apps that immediately alert you that something is wrong no matter where you are, so in this way you can keep a check on your car even while being away and ask someone else to quickly go in your absence.

These days most cars do come equipped with a car alarm, but some don’t, especially the old ones, so you should yourself get it fixed in to protect your car and the things inside. Aside from all the security, it also helps reduce the cost of car insurance.

Car Immobilizer

This device actually helps your car from being stolen by preventing the car from getting started without the actual proper key of the car.

This may still allow your car to get broken into, but could stop it from getting stolen. It is very difficult to turn on an immobilised car but if their manages to do so then it will take long enough for them to lose motivation and you could also reach on time.

Its been many years since Australia has provided cars with this feature but old cars lack it and if you do by chance drive an old car then get an immobiliser immediately to protect your car in better ways. And again, this also reduces the price of car insurance.

Car Tracking System

This is one of the most expensive yet efficient ways of security for your car. This works by fitting in a hidden transmitter in your car so that at bad times it can be tracked and gotten back.

There are different kinds of tracking systems.


This is also very good and practical because it allows you to track your car anywhere till its above the ground as in on street level.


This is for high level tracking and also can track cars no matter where they are, even underground etc.
As mentioned earlier this can be quite expensive but better than having to buy a whole new car.

Locks For Different Parts

This is a device that locks certain parts of your car like the steering wheel or gearstick or handbrake etc.
This should be used at those times especially when the car is not in use for a longer period of time.

This isn’t complete protection as high-level thief’s can break them but the amount of time it would take them discourages the thief and they try on a car that would be easier to get into. Also the more you pay, the better quality locks you get.

Some locks have very bright colors that anyone notices immediately so it let’s the person trying to break in know that this is going to take longer than anticipated and leave.
Although make sure that the lock you choose is the perfect one for your car.

Secure Parking

The chances of your car being stolen also depends on where your car is situated. If you have a driveway or even better a garage, then make sure to park your car there. This has lesser chances of your car being stolen than if you had parked it on a street.

If you’re out of town or city and are leaving your car behind then make sure you park your car somewhere where there are people to look after it, like a ticketed car parking or somewhere with more than one car present.

But if you do have to park it on the street then make sure it is a populated street and has some kind of security like a CCTV camera. Most suitable would be parking right in the direction of CCTV camera so that if anything happens, you’ve clear cut footage.

Hide Valuables

Most thieves out there are not directly planning on stealing your car rather than the goods you’ve in your car like phones, laptops, cameras, wallets, briefcases etc. This just tempts them more to break in and steal them.

Thus, it is always important to either not leave anything behind in your car, especially those that could cost a lot or if you do have to leave them behind then not in display so that anyone peaking in sees nothing.

Always Lock Your Car

Sometimes we are in a rush or hurry that we think we’ve locked our car but actually we haven’t, this gives the thief’s the perfect opportunity to steal, they don’t even have to put in effort to break in, won’t gather the attention of people and will also get your car. That is why always double check whether your car is locked or not to ensure security.
Aside from checking the lock, also check if all windows are up so that the thief’s have no way to enter into your car.
Something much more worse would be leaving your car unlocked with the key inside, it will be seconds before your car will be gone and you won’t even be able to realize what just happened.

It doesn’t matter how long you’re going for or how close you are, always lock your car with the windows up and key in your hand.

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