Anyone who has been stranded on the side of the road knows how frustrating this predicament can be. It’s crucial to keep calm and consider your alternatives before reacting emotionally. Unfortunately, most people think they can handle a roadside issue without calling for professional help. A tow truck could be your saviour and best option, nevertheless. Here are four examples of situations in which you might want to call a Fawkner Towing  instead of trying to handle it yourself:

Here are the top four causes for us to receive calls for our tow trucks

• Accident or Mishaps

Having a tow truck take your car to the repair shop of your choice after an accident is the safest action. Driving the vehicle before being inspected by a professional is risky, even if it is usually driveable after an accident. This is because the underneath of an automobile almost always takes the brunt of impact damage. In addition, driving your vehicle after being in an accident can cause hidden damage to the axles and frame, even if it seems to be operating normally. This is why getting the car towed after an accident is crucial, regardless of whether or not the damage is obvious.

• Gas Exhaustion

It could be frustrating, embarrassing, and potentially hazardous to run out of gas. Calling a car recovery service may be your only alternative if your car breaks down on the side of the highway and there is no gas store in sight. In particular, this is true if you transport young children or other passengers. If you call a tow truck company and say you’re low on petrol, they’ll usually deliver you some for a lower price than a typical tow.

• Hot Motor

The fate of your car remains unpredictable no matter how well you maintain it. If your car overheats while you’re travelling and leaves you stranded, you should first call a car recovery service. It’s natural to feel anxious or overwhelmed in such a situation, given your demands. Call a towing service and bring the car to a safer spot so that experts can inspect it and determine the problem before you freak out.

• No Car Movement/Dead Battery

The majority of calls to tow companies are made for this reason. Most people know the feeling of panic when they come out to their car in the morning and find that it won’t start. A dead battery is the least likely culprit for a car that won’t start, but other potential issues could be at play. A tow truck driver will do everything he can to get you back on the road as soon as possible once you call them.

The car will need to be towed if none of the above causes the issue.

Always remember, a quick action can save you from a hundred woes. Fawkner Towing  service provides the best car recovery service in Coventry and nearby areas. Speak to our experts for more details.

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