There are many reasons why you might need a towing service. Perhaps you need to transport a vehicle interstate because you are moving, or you have purchased an unregistered car that needs to be taken home or to a mechanic.

Then, there are the more stressful occasions, like when your vehicle breaks down at the most inopportune place and time. On those occasions, you want to know you are getting a towing organisation that you can trust, especially if you are stranded with your family. 

On these occasions, it can be tempting to use the towing services that promise the cheapest price and undercut their competition.

While saving a couple of dollars may seem like a good idea at the time, it opens the door for risk. Here are the reasons why you should re-consider booking the cheapest towing services available.

They might not be reliable

The type of company that is slashing its prices to beat its rivals is also the kind of company that values money over the customers’ experience. If they get a call out for a bigger job then there is a chance that they are going to prioritise that job over yours and not turn up quick enough to assist.

They may not have the equipment for the job

Towing experts and a wide range of tow trucks are other important characteristics of a professional company. Every client requirement needs to be met, regardless of whether the vehicle has a low ground clearance or is a larger vehicle. In order to provide towing services for a wide range of scenarios, the service provider should have all the necessary tools and equipment.

´╗┐In addition to providing roadside assistance, the towing company should make sure that they assist you quickly and efficiently. 

Cheap towing companies may not have the fleet, the tools or the operators to suit your particular job, which could lead to damage to your vehicle if they attempt to tow it anyway.

There are often hidden fees

Is the cheap towing company actually as cheap as they claim they are?

Towing companies offering cheaper rates are sometimes silent about additional fees until they have already completed a towing service and you are unable to dispute them.

A flat rate may be quoted and later a mileage or hook-up fee might be tacked on. It is crucial that you check this before accepting a service.

They might not be licensed and insured

It is a highly unfortunate fact that there are cowboy operators out there. They do not have the correct licence to operate a towing service, which means they have not undergone the stringent training required to do the job safely.

No insurance is a major red flag as well. If there is any incident (which is more likely when they are unlicensed) then you won’t be covered if damaged is caused to property during the transportation of your vehicle, which could cost you thousands more depending on the situation.

The cheapest towing service isn’t always ideal, however, you shouldn’t spend a lot on an expensive towing service either.

When it comes to service, price is just one aspect, and a towing company’s ability to charge excessive rates does not translate into its ability to offer quality services either.

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