One of the worst on-road inconveniences car drivers have to deal with is a dead car battery. Car batteries are notorious for dying at the wrong time. It doesn’t mean that there is ever a good time for a car battery to ghost on you. Ideally, car owners would love and prefer that their car battery remains in good shape forever. But in the real world, everything has a shelf life. So, what should you do when a car battery goes bad? This blog offers you a list of quick fixes that you can use, and get your vehicle back on the road ASAP.

Call Fawkner Towing

The easiest and most popular way to get your car battery issues resolved is to have Fawkner Towing listed on your speed dial. Fawkner Towing is Melbourne’s leading battery repair services provider. We have a dedicated team of call center agents and qualified automobile technicians who work with clockwork precision to ensure that no automobile driver has to face the music of a dead car battery. Having been around in this line of work for 10+ years, we have established ourselves as the go-to contact for all car battery breakdown resolutions. We have a growing portfolio of top quality car batteries of all brands from across the world and our team installs them with complete care and safety. What’s more, if your vehicle needs a jumpstart service, our technicians will come to your rescue. Regardless of location and time, we pride ourselves on calling ourselves the car battery superheroes in Melbourne.


In the event you find yourself without a phone (or worse, a dead phone), or you are stuck in a location that offers bad network reception and you are unable to contact Fawkner Towing, we’d recommend that you have some jumper cables in the back of your vehicle. If you are a rookie and do not know how to jumpstart your car, feel free to seek a helping hand from a fellow driver on the road. Remember, it is okay to not know how to jumpstart your car. Don’t feel reluctant to ask for assistance, because almost every car driver new and experienced has faced a similar dilemma as you in the past.

Tips to Improve Your Car’s Battery Life until Help Arrives

If you are having a hunch that your car battery may give up on you sometime soon, it is best to use the following battery saving hacks until professional help in the form of a Fawkner Towing technician reaches you.

  • Shut Down the Stereo: If your vehicle isn’t running on the road, and you have the stereo on, the battery will drain out faster.
  • Car Lights Off: Car battery consumption and performance are greatly impacted if the interior lights and headlights on kept on. Ensure to do away with this practice, and keep all the lights off when you exit the vehicle.
  • Don’t Keep the Air-Conditioning On: It’s a tough ask, we know. But if you love your car, and want your car battery to push on for a little longer, we’d recommend that you do not keep the air conditioning on when the car is not running.

Must-Have Tools

Nobody likes to suffer from a dead car battery crisis. But it happens. So, it is best to be prepared. While there’s always a Fawkner Towing technician nearby, and ready to help. But in case you don’t have the means to exercise the option, make sure you have loaded your car with the following hardware:

  • Jump leads
  • A power pack
  • A battery charger

Watch Out For These Signs

Numerous clients and customers approach Fawkner Towing technicians to offer advice and insights about bad car battery symptoms. If your car battery is on the brink of becoming a dead act, here’s a list of must-remember pointers:

  • Slower Start: If you discover your car’s starting temperature is dipping below 20 degrees, it’s time for a battery check. If the starting temperature plummets to 0 degrees, your car battery may be in trouble. It is typical for car drivers to notice their car is giving a slow and dragging start, and they choose to ignore it. It’s a mistake that cost you dearly.  Our advice to you would be to get your battery tested at the earliest. And if there is a problem we will suggest you car battery replacement.
  • Lights and Power On, But No Start: Have you ever encountered a situation where your car’s stereo is working when you insert the key into the ignition? And you notice that your headlights are dim? Well, these are tell-tale signs of your car battery underperforming. Unlike a normal, well-to-do car battery that is supposed to pump up the car to full amperage with its full voltage, a dead battery wouldn’t be able to do so.
  • A Rotten Smell: If you pop the hood of your car and a suspicious smell greets you straight away, it is an indicator that your car battery may be up to no good. A gas leak or an internal short circuit may have played spoilsport. Do not ignore the foul odor, and rush your vehicle for a checkup at a garage near you. Or better still, call Fawkner Towing.
  • Battery Misshape: Extreme internal or external conditions can push your car’s battery to become deformative. If you detect a difference in the otherwise standard rectangular shape of your car battery’s case, it is a warning sign that your battery may be malfunctioning.

All things said and done, no car driver wants to be subjected to the turmoil that comes with having to deal with a dead car battery. However, such incidents are out of one’s control, after a certain point. If you ever run into such a mishap, let Fawkner Towing be your Man Friday. Our qualified and experienced professional technicians work round the clock across Melbourne, and will be more than happy to help you tackle your car battery woes in a jiffy!

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