When You Should Call For Towing Services in Fawkner

It’s always inconvenient when you are unable to continue your journey because there is something wrong or something has happened to your vehicle.

Sometimes you can’t change a flat tyre or simply call a friend or family member to save you and you need someone reliable to come to your aid.

That’s when it’s time to call Fawkner Towing, where we can get you where you need to be with ease.

There are many reasons to call for towing services in Fawkner and here are the most common.

Your Car Breaks Down

The most common reason to call for towing services is because your car broke down.

If you can’t get it started and don’t know what’s wrong with it, we can have a look.

We’ll then safely secure it to one of our tow trucks and transport it where you want it to go, whether that’s your home or a nearby mechanic.

It’s always safer to let us help, especially if you break down on a busy road. 

You Need Roadside Assistance

Sometimes you know what’s wrong with your car and just need a quick fix to get back on the road.

However, this might not be safe or feasible to do on your own.

We provide roadside assistance services, such as changing a tyre or jump starting a dead battery.

Our friendly technicians will come to you and get you taken care of quickly and safely.

You Had an Accident

In cases of a car accident, it might not be safe to drive your car away from the scene.

Or perhaps the car needs extensive repairs before it can be drivable again.

We’ll come to the accident site and help you get your car towed to a repair shop or the dealership.

This is often covered by your insurance so be sure you know what to expect in terms of billing. 

You Run Out Of Fuel

We’ve all done it.

Looked at the fuel gauge and thought we had enough to get to the nearest service station, only to find the fuel gone before you get there.

If you run out of petrol, try to get your car out of traffic and then give us a call.

We are here to help you get some petrol into your vehicle or tow it to the nearest station, whichever makes more sense.

Whenever you need towing services in Fawkner, call Fawkner Towing. Fast, friendly and reliable service guaranteed.

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