For days you have been planning the long trip, and finally, you have set foot on the pedal and have started driving. Halfway to the destination, you are on a road surrounded by sand dunes, with no visibility of life or settlement around. You are tired of driving, and you decide to take a break and park the car alongside the road. After you are relaxed, you head back to the car, and you start it.
However, the car fails to start, and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no clue of what has happened to your car. Hundreds of car owners face the issue of cars not starting in the middle of nowhere. This is usually caused due to a failed battery.

Car batteries are often known to die as they age, or due to low levels of electrolytes. Usually, batteries die in cold temperatures, or in summers when the battery has drained due to high temperature. A technician can fix this in a matter of minutes, but things become problematic when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, to help you think better in conditions as such, here are three things to do:

Jump Start the Car

Yes, jump start the car  is the first and the easiest solution to start your dead battery and get your car running. All you need is a pair of jumper cables to do the task for you. If you are stuck on the side of the road, ask other car drivers for help. Someone will stop, and help you fix the jumper cables on your battery and his car. This way, your car’s battery will pull the necessary charge, and it will start the engine, and you are free to roll.
Caution: Always jump the battery if you know how to do it. Line the electrodes and cables properly to avoid the chances of short-circuiting. And after connection, do ask the other car owner to run his engine for optimal power.

Push and Start

Now, this method requires physical strength and tricks. The idea here is to switch the car to neutral and accelerate it along the road by pushing. Once, the car has gained sufficient momentum, engage the second gear and turn on the ignition. This will surely start the engine, and soon the car battery will come to life. This method is a proven method but requires practice and strength. You will need some company to pull this trick off, but it works.

Call a Professional

There are many insurance companies, car service centers, and even battery technicians offering roadside service. If the battery has failed and is not starting at all, it is time to call one of the service roadside car battery replacements Fawkner has to offer. They will send a technician who will check the battery to see if it starts the vehicle, or will provide a new one. Such services are becoming popular as many people now use their own vehicles for long trips, and such circumstances do arise. Also, get your brake pads checked while you are at it.

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