A car accident is often traumatic. Regardless of whether you’re the driver or a passenger, you’ll likely be unsettled by the events. How do you know what to do and who to call in the event of an accident? Here is the important information you’ll need to know.

Stop your car

If you’ve been in a car accident, no matter how small, you must never drive off. Try and park your car somewhere safe if you know no one has major injuries. If the accident has occurred in an unsafe location, such as near an intersection, turn off your ignition and switch on your hazard lights, which will help you stay visible to other drivers.

Assess the situation

Car accidents can send us into shock. Take a moment to collect yourself, stay calm, and assess the situation. 

Make sure you’re safe

After an accident, the safety of any involved or nearby drivers or pedestrians is the priority. It’s crucial you ensure you’re not injured and that others are safe. If you have had an accident at night, a torch can ensure you’re visible. You could even stand on the side of the road to signal a driver for help if needed. 

Call emergency services

If you’ve gathered that you or someone else at the scene needs urgent help, call for an ambulance as soon as you can. In the meantime, try to provide assistance if and when you can. You may need to call the police to help with your accident if:

someone is trapped or injured and you have called an ambulance for assistance

another driver involved did not stop or exchange details – if this has happened, try and obtain any identifying information about their vehicle which could assist the police in making a report

another driver seems to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

the accident is blocking traffic

there are hazards present, such as significant debris, structural damage, or leaking fluids. 

Take evidence

When the police arrive on the scene, try and explain what happened. Gathering evidence, without moving any vehicles, can help. We recommend you take photos when possible. It also helps to record the time, date, location and nearest cross street of the accident, as this can help when making an insurance claim. If there were witnesses to the accident, they can also provide information which may prove helpful down the track – if you do take information or evidence from witnesses, make sure you also collect their name and phone number. The more evidence, the better.

Exchange information

If the accident involves a pedestrian or another driver, you need to ask for their name, address, telephone number, registration number and insurance provider in case the police don’t arrive on the scene in time. This information needs to be provided by law, so it’s important you call the police if the other driver refuses or fails to provide information. 

It’s crucial you stay calm at this stage. If another driver accuses you of being at fault, it’s best to advise them that the decision of responsibility will be left up to both your insurers.

Arrange for towing

If your car is not driveable, you’ll need to arrange for a towing company to move your car. Fawkner Towing is on hand for all towing needs in the Melbourne. If there’s no significant injury and your car is able to be driven, you’re free to leave the site after you’ve exchanged details. Make sure you remove any valuables or personal possession before your car is towed. 

Keep your records safe

Alert your insurer of the crash and lodge a claim as soon as you can. Quickly lodging your claim will help settle issues promptly, minimise your stress, and help you convey any information that’s still fresh in your memory. It will allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Monitor your health

Some injuries might not affect you straight away. Aches and pains can arise after the adrenaline subsides. We always recommend you seek medical advice after an accident. Monitor your health after the accident and consult your doctor if you have any issues or concerns. 

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