You could be planning on selling your car for different reasons like wanting to buy a new car, old car is starting to do problems or needing the money or shifting somewhere else etc. But when it comes to selling your car it is very important to make sure you’re selling it in the right manner so you get the most money you could possibly get.
Your advertisement must include this to sell a car:

  1. Number of miles travelled (mileage)
  2. Colour of your car
  3. Condition of the car
  4. Taxes list
  5. Service history (puts up a better impression and also increases value of the car)
  6. Model of the car
  7. Year of manufacture
  8. Contact details are must so the buyer can contact you.

There are many different ways you can sell your car:

  1. Selling it privately.
  2. Some dealer part exchange
  3. Car selling website

Selling A Car Privately:

This could take you longer than the rest of the procedures but definitely worth it since you’ll get a better price than the rest of the ways. For example if someone is ready to buy your $6500 then selling it to a dealer would mean losing $500.

There are a few ways you can sell your car privately:

  • Put your car advertisements in different places like the windows of your car or some door of a shop or in newspapers.
  • Look around in your own circle, maybe a friend, relative or colleague is opting to buy a car.
  • Describe your car in a good way to gain the attention of potential buyers and also make sure when asked you can prove that you own the car.
  • Whenever you get calls or texts regarding the car, deal with it professionally.
  • Try to meet up a few times and go on test drives so the customer is satisfied.
  • Ensure safe ways of payment.

Selling Car To A Dealer

There are 2 ways you can negotiate with a dealer.

Part Exchange:

This is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways. You can trade your car from the dealer for a new or used car in return. This could although pay you less but will save you for the hassle and difficulties you’ll go through by selling it privately. This will also give you more value than selling it outright to the dealer.

Selling Outright:

You will sell your car to some car dealer or garage, this is very quickly and easy to do. Although the price won’t be one of the best. It will depend on the condition of your car.

Car Selling Websites

There are many online sites that allow you to put up ads of your car. In this way you just enter information about your car with pictures of every angle. This actually helps you get better price than a car dealer, proved by research.

Although when dealing online, you need to be very careful that the car is exactly how it seems in pictures. If on physical evaluation the car has some fault, the buyer can opt to back out or to buy it in reduced price. You also need to be careful about the payment methods and make sure the buyer is authentic and pays immediately. Paperwork should also be done as soon as possible.

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