Our team at Fawkner Towing is always happy to help with any problems, but as experienced mechanics and motoring enthusiasts ourselves we’d really rather see cars that are in great condition.

Keeping a car regularly serviced is the key to this and we offer thorough interim and standard annual services to ensure your car is running nicely. But even that isn’t really enough.

Most people use their cars every day and problems can develop to an alarming degree within the six-month period between services. So between your vehicle’s professional checkups, you should try to build in a regular set of health checks of your own. These monthly “mini-services” used to be something the hands-on car owner looked forward to, but seem to have gone out of fashion.

Even if you’re not a “car person” and only drive to get from A to B, there are good reasons why you should make time for a few health checks on your vehicle. Although cars and vans are more reliable now than they once were, parts haven’t exactly got cheaper so it’s still worth nipping any excessive wear in the bud. And a badly maintained car will undoubtedly add to your fuel bill.

Suggested Monthly Checks Would Be:

Check the tread – not only should it be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm, it’s also worth looking for any signs of uneven wear. And check the tyre pressure while you’re at it.

Check that your engine oil and coolant are at the correct level. It’s also worth checking the floor for signs of leaks, if you tend to park in the same place. And don’t forget to top up your screen wash reserve.

While you’ve got the bonnet open, check for any cracked hoses, and for signs of corrosion around the battery.

It’s boring, but take a moment to check that all your lights, including indicators and fog lights, are working. It’s easy to drive around not knowing that other people can’t see you properly or gauge your intentions on the road.

Windshield and bodywork
A quick visual check for damage is a good idea, as small chips on the windscreen will often get bigger if not dealt with, and damage to the paintwork can lead to rust.

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