Report shows that most of the accidents occur during the night as it’s dark and difficult to see. Thus, it is very important to ensure that you’re taking all the steps to drive safely to protect yourself and others who are also driving. A few steps you can take to ensure that are:

Use Your Lights Properly

It is very important to check that your headlights and rear lights are working property, actually it is illegal to drive with broken or tainted so make sure that you get regular check ups to know that they’re working in full order.

If during the check or overall, any bulb needs to be changed then do it before any police car stops you, it will save you from a big hassle and also save time.

Use your lights properly so that you don’t disturb anyone else on the road too. When you’re driving on an unlit road then turn your full beam on and if another vehicle comes by then dim them so that you don’t dazzle them too.

Don’t Stare At Oncoming Vehicles

If you directly stare into the headlights of other cars then it will temporarily impair your vision, this could prevent you from being able to see properly and cause you to panic and get into an accident.

Looking to the right and left of the road would prevent you from getting dazzled. Also follow the white line on the road so you know you’re driving on track. At times, it happens that you can’t see anything due to the glare, so best is you stop on the side of the road but of course not suddenly or else the car behind you would bump into you.

Keep Windows Clean

Especially in the cold weather, condensation builds up on the inner side of the windows due to which it could hinder proper visibility. Not only this, if your windscreen, side mirrors are dirty, it could also cause you trouble whilst driving. When there is a hazy film on the windscreen, it can also increase the glare from the lights of the oncoming cars.

Get An Eye Check Up

Driving in the daytime and nighttime is completely different. During the night the light levels are constantly changing, reducing. Adjusting to it can be difficult especially when you’ve an eyesight problem.
A while ago night driving glasses were invited, claiming to help whilst driving at night however there’s no given proof for that and some even say that yellow tint of the glasses reduce visibility.

Thus, it is important to get your eyesight checked on time so that if there’s any problem with your vision, you can wear correct eyesight glasses so that driving can get easier. Anti-reflection lenses actually reduce glare.

Don’t Get Behind The Wheel When Tired

It is very important to make sure that you’ve had enough sleep before going on a drive or else due to lack of sleep your melatonin levels could get high, and then you’d have any more bleary-eyed increasing the risk of accidents.

Driving while feeling drowsy or sleepy can put you and other drivers in danger just as drink-driving would. Thus, if you feel sleepy make sure you stop somewhere to rest for a while before driving again.

If you’re about to go on a long drive or journey, especially if it involves night driving, then sleep properly, have a good amount of hours of sleep. Rest after some hours when on journey and have coffee or other caffeinated drinks to keep yourself alert.

Hone Your Night Driving Skills

If you’re a beginner at driving or have less experience of night-time driving, then it is important that you practice more often and take more classes from your instructors during the night.
If you have learned to drive during the summer then practice driving at night before the winter arrives because driving during the winters that too at night is difficult.

Look Out For Children, Cyclists, And Animals

It is difficult to see children, cyclists and animals during the nighttime so take extra care and drive slowly when you’re driving around houses or schools so that if anything comes in front of you, you’ve time to react and you don’t end up injuring anyone.

What To Carry During The Night?

Carry a torch so that if your car breaks down during the night then you can inspect your car’s engine or tyre easily.

Always keep a blanket or warm clothing in the boot so that if you get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night and it’s cold, you’ve something to keep you warm till assistance arrives.

Keep a mobile charger so that you can charge your phone in case of emergencies.

Carry a de-icer so that if it snows unexpectedly, you can scrape the windows off.

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