Cleanliness has always been part of our lives before and after the pandemic but its no hidden fact that corona virus has made us more aware of the fact that we need to always take care of our own hygiene as well as the hygiene of everything surrounding us. Something that we come in contact with very often is our cars and it is very important to ensure that our car is clean and sanitized.

How To Start?

First of all when you start cleaning your car keeping the pandemic in mind, it is necessary to obviously first clean the areas that you touch the most, for e.g. The steering wheel, the gear, handbrake, these are some of the inside parts of the car whereas outside of the car are also some parts like the door handles that we touch the most. The areas that need cleaning in the start have been enlisted down so its time to begin the actual process of cleaning.

Cleaning The Outside Of The Car

The exterior of the car can obviously be cleaned like you would normally do but now the only addition that is added into the cleaning process is now using disinfectant products like the spray or wipes to make sure that any additional germs on your car are removed completely and you’re safe. This is done after you’ve cleaned your car with the car cleaning products or gone to a car wash.

Especially spray the door handles with the antibacterial spray or use an antibacterial wipe. It is also important to see that the product you will use in specific areas will not affect them so try it on a small patch before you continue forward. Due to the corona virus many of the products are in shortage so you can simply use hand soap or water.

Cleaning The Seats Of The Car

There are many products that are designed specifically to clean the fabric part of the car because they would be gentler than the one you would use on the exterior. Don’t scrub too hard although because this can damage of course. This will bring the original color of the seat back as well give the car a fresh look.

Cleaning The Windows

Although there are separate products that are made for cleaning the glass and windows but if you cannot find them at the moment then simple glass cleaning sprays can be used and they work just as efficiently. Please be careful with cleaning near electrical. Now in the end there may be some residue left so you can wipe it off but only with a soft cloth. Of course as mentioned earlier, once all these steps are done with, use an antibacterial wipe and that’s all.

Washing Your Own Hands

Once you have cleaned your entire car then you should wash your own hands again too. Thus, if any germs come on your hands, they can also be washed off as soon as possible.

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