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Riding a motorcycle is no longer considered a dream; instead, it is a necessity. From college to the office and even on trips, people are more likely to love to ride on a bike, as it is fast, swift, and accessible. Although four-wheelers are being randomly used these days among people of every age group, the popularity of bikes cannot be overlooked since the teenage bike is considered a symbol of freedom. But like any other vehicle, a bike can often stop working in the middle of the road or suffer a breakdown. And if no garage is around, bike recovery is the only option left to save you from the hurdle. Furthermore, we can never rule out the possibility of an accident and never know when it can happen, so contacting a trustworthy towing & recovery company like VK Recovery can help you save your time and cost.

Get 24/7 Recovery Assistance at Any Time

It is always essential to know that an emergency can occur at any time. We provide all sorts of bike recovery and roadside towing services, and even we assist you while towing your vehicle to your desired location. We provide the fastest service and take pride in reaching the emergency spot within an hour of booking. Furthermore, we provide 24/7 towing services so that you can get immediate assistance at odd hours and in deserted locations. Our team of skilled and reliable professionals knows how to provide the proper recovery assistance per your vehicle needs.

But bike recovery is not an easy task as the safety of your vehicle will be in the company’s hands. But if you are hiring professionals like us, then it will be a regular task for them, and no distance will be too far, and no journey will be too risky. But before appointing a vehicle recovery service, you must know the correct towing method. So here we have provided a few tips to tow your motorbike safely.

  • If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle towing service provider like us, then make sure you select the one equipped with a flatbed and preferably choose the one that is monitored by efficient technicians with in-depth knowledge and prolonged experience in towing motorcycles and ATVs.
  • Check whether they are using a ramp to load your bike onto the trailer or not, as it is an essential step. Using wheel chocks to keep your bike in one place while driving is preferable. The bike is a precious vehicle and heavy, so it is essential to secure it correctly while being shifted.
  • A qualified towing service provider will use ratchet straps, as these are essential to do the job well. Then they will attach the straps to the back of the bike to sustain damages.
  • And last but not least, a bike recovery service provider will drive the bike safely to the desired location.

Therefore, before appointing a towing service provider, check these steps mentioned above to ensure your vehicle’s safety and security. We at Fawkner Towing  take pride in providing the best 100% safe and hassle-free services.

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