Unlike any other part of the car, a car battery also has a limited life span and needs replacement as soon as it starts showing problems. Having said this, most car batteries available out there are standard, have a steady output of 12 V, and power up the vital components of the car. However, there are many small and large things that are taken into consideration when choosing a battery.

Though cost remains the primary marker for the selection of batteries. However, in a conducive market, car battery Fawkner price is competitive and hence it cannot be the only thing to consider while comparing. So, to help you steer across the various options available, here are 7 tips to follow:

Size of the battery

Yes, this is an important parameter to consider while choosing a car battery. Most of the batteries have standard dimensions, however, it is advised to check the length, breadth and height of the previously fitted battery, before you go out to find a new one. Only choose a battery that perfectly fits into the battery tray of your car, avoid losing fitted ones as it will only damage the tray, and may cause spilling of fluid.

How fresh is the battery?

You don’t want to install a battery that was made last year. Because a year old battery will surely have reduced output. Having said this, the best way to identify the manufacturing date is to read the code and serial before car battery replacement. The serial number is marked with the year and month of manufacturing, so you will have a clear idea about what you are selecting.

High Capacity

The higher the capacity, the longer will be the power available, and the more useful it will be for situations wherein your car alternator fails, or you have kept the lights on for a longer time. Batteries having higher capacity will not have trouble with a dip in the charge as they will power for a longer time. So, choose a battery having a higher reserve capacity. They might be a bit costly, but you will always benefit from them.

Storage Capacity

Every car has a power requirement as per which the battery is chosen. This determines the storage capacity of the battery, which is marked in Ampere-hour or Ah. Higher the Ah means that the battery will be able to sustain load for a longer period as compared to those with lower Ah.

Power Capacity

This is often referred to as CCA and CA, which means Cold Cranking Amps and Cranking Amp. Cranking Amp or CA is referred to as the energy required to start the vehicle at 32-deg Fahrenheit, while CCA refers to the ability of a battery to start at zero-deg Fahrenheit. If you are in cold climates, then a battery with higher CCA is recommended.


There are two types of batteries, the one which requires and the other which are maintenance-free. The ones who require maintenance often need servicing every 6 months, while maintenance-free batteries are sealed with liquid electrolyte running in the battery that needs no replacement.


Yes, this is an important aspect to consider when choosing a battery. A battery with a longer warranty qualifies for free replacement or repairs if problems arise.

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